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By admin / June 23, 2017

Newsletter, 6/22/17

Hi Folks, On more than 200 acres, there are many paths leading to many different places. Turner Farm has its own...

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Adult Education
By admin / June 12, 2017

Award-Winning Farmstead Butcher to Host Local Workshops

There are advantages to farmstead butchery, mainly in the low-stress ending to an animal's life.

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Blog, Teaching Kitchen
By admin / May 10, 2017

‘Teaching Kitchen Movement’ Featured on PBS NewsHour

At the heart of this movement is the growing number of doctors, educators, culinary professionals and food producers (including Turner Farm) who recognize the importance of nutrition and personal stewardship in combating America's healthcare crisis.

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By admin / April 27, 2017

Newsletter April 24, 2017

Hi Folks, The coyote was taller than most that had been seen at the farm in recent years, and it...

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By admin / April 4, 2017

Renowned Integrative Physician Shares Stewardship Message at Turner Farm

Since 2013, Dr. Sian Cotton has served as the Director of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine’s Center for...

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By admin / March 30, 2017

Movement, Energy Guide ‘Lunch and Learn’ Instructor

When the Lunch and Learn series returns to Turner Farm on April 13, participants will be treated to not only...

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By admin / March 15, 2017

March 14, 2017

Trying to get your bearings in the mad onrush of spring isn't easy. The 70-degree days give way to the...

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By admin / February 28, 2017

Don’t Fear the Chicken

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