The Turner Farm Community Garden Program

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program is committed to connecting people to their food through new collaborative methods and innovative urban land use with an emphasis on sustainable biological agricultural practices, experiential learning and civic engagement.

At present the Turner Farm Community Garden Program continues its pilot garden in the East End and during the summer of 2011 developed the Winton Terrace Community Garden.  In addition we are partnering with the Franciscan Community Garden on garden training for Bhutanese refugees and neighborhood gardeners.  We are currently researching community interest, need and existing garden programs in other neighborhoods with the goal of identifying and reaching out to residents, potential organizations and diverse populations with whom to collaborate.  The purpose of the research is to avoid duplication of existing services and most importantly to better understand and identify neighborhoods with an interest in community-based gardening.

Would you like a Garden Bed for Your Home?

Learn-Grow-Earn Program

Participation in the Learn-Grow-Earn Program is an option for gardeners who would like to earn a garden bed for their home in exchange for participating in the garden classes, practicum and volunteer work.  Turner Farm provides, at no charge, the resources to build a raised 4×8 foot cedar garden bed.

The requirements to receive a home garden bed are attending the classes and thirty (30) hours of participation in the practicum garden training, volunteer work in a community garden and helping to build beds for others.

For more information, contact Peter Huttinger at