Board of Trustees

Robert G. Edmiston
Executive Director

Annie Ilyinsky
Board Member

Marsha Lindner
Board Member

Turner Farm Managers

Robert G. Edmiston
Executive Director

Abigail Lundrigan
Crop Production Manager

Rob Lewis
Veteran to Farmer Training Program /
Marketing & Media Relation Manager

Peter Huttinger
Community Garden Program Director

Melinda O’Briant
Adult Education Director

Dave Lemen
Grounds and Equipment Manager

Daniel Losekamp
Manager of Livestock & Pastures

Mary Joseph
Director of Events

Stephanie Michalak
Chef and Culinary Manager

Joshua Jones
Community Garden Manager

Supporting Staff

Jamie Nimtz
Summer Camp Director

Leah Bartel
Draft Horse Program Supervisor

Assistant Livestock Manager

Colleen Crotty Good

Gretchen Weiher
Assistant Crop Production Manager /
Farm Market Manager

Raymond Vitatoe
Grounds & Livestock Assistant

Rachel Bellis
Assistant Crop Production Manager
Mushroom Production

Herman Willis
Grounds & Livestock Assistant