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Vision: Our vision is to be transformational leaders in integrative health and wellness.

Mission: Our mission is to improve the health of our local and global community through innovative, internationally-recognized research, education, clinical practice, and community engagement efforts focused on integrative health and wellness.

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Wellness at Turner Farm

Summer-Fall 2017 Community Education Series


Thursday, July 13 – 11am-1pm
Food as Medicine for a Healthy Weight
Angela Fitch, MD

Beyond the concept of “you are what you eat” lies the importance of a healthy diet for effective weight management. In this class, Dr. Fitch guides participants through key concepts in understanding the relationship between food and optimal health, including:
•  The role of certain macro- nutrients related to weight management
•  The benefits of fiber in weight management
•  How food timing relates to weight and health

*Hands-on Teaching Kitchen Experience*

Thursday, August 17 – 11am-1pm
Integrative Nutrition for Cancer
John Sacco, MD

Optimize your diet to work for you as you navigate your cancer treatment. Our body’s ability to fight disease and inflammation can be enhanced by the foods we eat. Dr. Sacco will teach participants:
•  How gene expression can be affected by dietary and lifestyle modification
•  To identify at least 1 study showing the effect of diet and lifestyle on cancer progression
•  How to design an appropriate diet for themselves

*Hands-on Teaching Kitchen Experience*

Thursday, September 21 – 11am-1pm
Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
Sian Cotton, PhD

Is an inability to focus on the present moment having a negative impact on your physical and mental health? Join Dr. Cotton as she teaches strategies to build a healthier life through mindful stress management, including:
•   The physiology of the stress response
•   The physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness practices
•   Daily mindfulness practices for stress reduction

*Take-home Stress Reduction Tools*

Farm-fresh lunch included!