DIY Gifts Come from the Heart


Chef Stephanie Michalak 

Turner Farm Culinary Manager

Put down that bulk package of socks you always get for your cousin and that boutique golf ball for your uncle –I promise they will thank you.

What you can pick up though are some small, food-safe containers like mason jars and tin boxes, holiday labels, and some dry ingredients. What you might consider doing next is head into your kitchen to make gifts that others will appreciate and be able to use.

There’s probably little surprise that as a professional chef I particularly like making food for others. However, even without that title or career path, the holidays are a great time to share your love of food with others. Growing up, I used to help both of my grandmothers make holiday cookies and chocolate truffles for our family gatherings. As the years progressed and they no longer made as many, or made any at all, I procured the recipes on abused index cards stained with years of melted chocolate and flecks of chopped nuts. I began making a few of these classics every year, putting my own spin on them, and adding a few others to the mix. Ultimately, especially as an underpaid teen and then young adult, I always felt that with these gifts I could give more to those I love without having to extend my credit line.

Nowadays, I still find that while my time is extremely valuable, and it would be much faster to order everything from Amazon, I like to personalize my gifts to others because those individuals mean a lot to me. Plus, creating food gifts for others is a creative outlet and certainly less stressful than standing in a long line of agitated shoppers.

That is why I hope you can make it to my Holiday Gifts class on December 4 from 11 am to 12 pm. This class will include culinary demonstrations and a plethora of decorating ideas and an assortment of recipes for each participant to take home. Each guest will also be able to take home one gift already made and packaged for you!

To purchase tickets for Chef Stephanie’s Holiday Food Gifts class, visit the event page.

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