A New CSA in the New Year


Abby Lundrigan

Crop Production Manager

As interest in and excitement about local food continues to grow, we are constantly looking for new ways to include new CSA members at Turner Farm. For many, having their own share of a local farm’s produce is a gateway to more healthful, seasonal, vegetable-centered way of cooking and eating.

“CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Becoming a “member” of a CSA program means purchasing a “share” of the season’s harvest before the season has begun. In this way, members support the farmer by providing income in the winter months that will be used for seeds, tools, and other supplies during the spring, summer, and fall harvest months. For their support, members receive their “share” of the harvest each week during the season. In addition to providing the farm with resources early in the year when costs are high, the purchase of a share guarantees the farmer income no matter what the season brings; as members of the CSA, shareholders are along for both the crop successes, and failures that may occur.

But how do you know if a CSA share is the right choice for you? Purchasing a CSA share is a great way to expose yourself to new or unfamiliar vegetables, but requires both a time commitment and up-front financial commitment. CSA programs vary greatly in their structure, making it easier to choose one that is right for your schedule and household size.

Turner Farm is excited to now offer both half and full shares for the 2018 season. The option to choose a half share means that households or individuals can choose to receive a smaller amount of produce from week to week, versus the contents of the full share. While a full share is designed to satisfy the produce needs of a family of 4, a half share is sized for smaller households or individuals.

For many, the added benefit of becoming a CSA member is joining a community of other shareholders, who can share recipes and ideas. I hear from many CSA members that the program introduced them to their new favorite vegetable, or to a new way of cooking something they had previously prepared only one way. A share can also make a great gift for a loved one who is passionate about cooking or local agriculture, or who wants to make a lifestyle change.

For more information about Turner Farm’s Vegetable CSA program, including registration for the 2018 season, visit the Turner Farm website.

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