Great Breakfast Comes at Any Hour


By Chef Stephanie Michalak, Turner Farm Culinary Manager

Breakfast foods are extremely broad and potentially highly creative because it’s an amazing outlet to utilize odds and ends left from previous meals to make something new and delicious. Many dishes that get associated with breakfast are honestly great any time of the day and don’t need to be stuck to only eating during the first third of your day. I’m personally a sucker for huevos rancheros and well-made congee at any hour.

However, unless you understand how to do certain fundamental things, like controlling water temperature for poaching eggs, or knowing when to stop whisking either pancake batter or muffins, you won’t be maximizing on your own enjoyment of simple, yet satisfying foods.

Breakfast, whether making it when you first wake up, for dinner, or at midnight, should be about energizing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to take on whatever comes next in your day (or night). It can be simple and elegant for a Sunday brunch, or second breakfast, shared with family and friends. Breakfast can be homey and perhaps a little heavy, like from a good diner (if you didn’t know, me and most East-coasters are very particular about our diners).

Breakfast and a good cup of hot coffee or perfectly poured mimosa in hand, with enough time to enjoy the moment, is my ideal way to watch the world unfold. You don’t have to be a short order cook or a pastry chef to make amazing foods meant for breaking fast. Like most things in life, breakfast just takes practice and care.

Share the experience of making great breakfast with someone you love at Chef Stephanie’s upcoming cooking class, “Date Night: Breakfast for Dinner” in the Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen on September 20. Tickets are available here.

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