March 14, 2017


Trying to get your bearings in the mad onrush of spring isn’t easy.

The 70-degree days give way to the cold and snow left over from February. The “spring forward” clock change has our animals and employees staggering around in a bit of a haze wondering how far away lunch is and why the mornings have gotten so dark. Ostara, known more commonly as the Spring Equinox, is less than a week away.

And soon–very soon!–new life of all sorts will be springing up (if you’ll pardon the pun) and bringing with it all the tender joy and hope for renewal. The first of the baby chicks were picked up last week. We have a very pregnant sow who seems ready to bring forth her litter at any moment. Those will be followed by lambing next month.

April will also mark the return of the most splendid of springtime arrivals–our seasonal garden apprentices. Like the swallows of San Juan Capistrano, we eagerly anticipate their return every spring. As they grow in their experience and knowledge before flying the coop at the end of October, the apprentices bring much-needed energy, enthusiasm and ability during the busiest time of the farming season.

Make sure to come by and visit the apprentices along with all of the other new species set to return to the farm in the coming weeks.

Upcoming classes: 
Transforming Mind and Body, 11 am-1 pm, Thursday, April 13 is the second in our four-part Lunch and Learn series at Turner Farm will bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Renowned movement artist and energy healer Fran Bailey will guide participants through specific movements and precise gestures aimed at stimulating physical, mental, psychological and emotional systems simultaneously.

In 2002, Fran created The SHEVA Method™  which is a moving meditation that releases stagnant energy while repairing, replenishing, and rejuvenating the complete well-being of the participant. Through the exploration of the various techniques in this method, a deep feeling of harmony and alignment is experienced. A simple, delicious lunch will be served to attendees to complement and nourish the flow from this class. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge your mind and body as spring awakens. View a video about The SHEVA Method™ and register for the class here. Cost: $45 per guest

Don’t forget: Starting at 6:30 on Wednesday evening, we will host A Conversation about Gardening. This class is designed to be a panel discussion with several experienced gardeners/farmers in the area. Hosts include Turner Farm’s Melinda O’Briant, TF Community Gardening Program’s Peter Huttinger and Joshua Jones, and Greenacres Foundation’s David Chal. Join us in our newly renovated Turner Farm Barn Studio with tea and snacks to discuss all things garden!  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to have your growing questions answered by some of the area’s best gardeners. Cost: $15 per guest

Here’s what’s in season and more of what’s going on around the farm:

In the Farm Market:
Certified Organic Produce – We have a few remaining large winter squash, turnips, daikon radishes, rutabaga, greens mix, spinach, and large and baby kale. Plus popcorn and oyster mushrooms! Mache, arugula and French breakfast radishes will make their return at the Madeira Farmers’ Market on Thursday, so make sure to come see us there!
Meat and Eggs – Grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured pork, whole chickens and lard, all from Turner Farm. Eggs, both from here and other local farms.

In the Gardens:
The snow is gently falling on the farm as I type this, yet the march toward spring planting continues indoors. Gerardo and a small group of volunteers have started transplanting tomato starts into pots. Melinda is seeding perennial flowers along with the annual beauties that need a bit more greenhouse time. The grow lights and heated tables in the greenhouse give the tender seedlings a bit more advantage even as precious minutes of sunlight are added daily. The high tunnels are being continually weeded, prepped and planted for another season of growth.

That’s all for now – Hope you to see you soon around the farm!

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