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When the Lunch and Learn series returns to Turner Farm on April 13, participants will be treated to not only a refreshingly delicious salad but also a unique opportunity to work in a small group setting with a renowned movement artist and energy healer.

In her class titled “Transforming Body and Mind,” Fran Bailey will help participants learn to release stagnant energy, increase flow and bring balance to their emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

A professional dancer who has brought energy healing into her therapeutic work, Fran is the creator of the SHEVA (Seeking Harmony in Energy Voice and Action) Method™, a moving meditation comprised of specific movements and precise gestures to create an experience of being unified in mind, body, and spirit.

Fran recently sat down to discuss her background and methodology as well as what participants can expect during her Lunch and Learn event at Turner Farm.


The combination of dance and energy healing is a unique approach to holistic well-being. How did you find your way to this calling? It kicked in about the age of five. I grew up with dance. It was such a big part of my beginning years. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to express myself through interpreting music.

I was also brought up in a religious household—Christian Science. From that I developed a type of metaphysical thinking. It became ingrained in me that through thoughts and our interaction with the energy of God or the source or whatever you choose to call it, one could change and improve one’s health and sense of well-being.


You trained in college for a professional dance career, so when did the energy healing career start?  I was teaching dance at The New School (a Cincinnati-area Montessori school), when someone suggested I develop my skills further after seeing my ability to work with energy as it pertained to dance and group choreography. I took that recommendation and began studying with world-renowned energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere.


What is the relationship between music and energy work? When we hear a piece of music we resonate with, connect with or have a strong memory of, it can give us a sensation of coming home. I call that synchronicity, and that is the experience of harmony with oneself.  When I’m dancing to a piece of music there is a place of synchronicity when I allow the energy to flow, then I know I am dancing. Part of The SHEVA Method is to allow you to experience this harmonious connection. We are all dancers!


How did this lead to the creation of SHEVA? Movement, Music and Meditation all deal with the shifting of energy, and I wanted to create a fun and innovative method that includes work with the body, mind and heart as they pertain to each other. We all experience emotional unbalanced states from time to time. These suggested tools give one an opportunity to shift the negative energy of doubt and fear—two very potent forms of resistance to flow—and restore the balance., physically, mentally and emotionally.


What can participants at your Lunch and Learn session at Turner Farm expect? They can expect a safe and inviting place to explore movement in such a way that they will experience a sense of balance, calmness and increased energy flow. I recommend that they bring an open mind and their fun, adventurous self. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Most importantly, be present. Be open to the experience.


To find out more about The SHEVA Method and to register for Fran’s class, visit the Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen webpage. 

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