By Rob Lewis / November 26, 2018

Help Local Kids Discover Turner Farm on Giving Tuesday

It’s because I believe this exposure to farmland and wilderness is so important that I’m writing you today. On this Giving Tuesday, I encourage you to help me provide the opportunity of Turner Farm Summer Camp to children who would not otherwise be able to attend. 

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By Rob Lewis / November 21, 2018

Grateful Hearts

For these reasons and so many more, Turner Farm is thankful. We wish each of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday with friends, family and plenty of local food.

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By Rob Lewis / November 8, 2018

The Sweet Bliss of ‘Noble Rot’

Given the right weather ,botrytis is sometimes called “noble rot” as it can produce bold, complex wines that age extremely well due to their high sugar content. Many times, drinkers will note honey, ginger, marmalade, and even chamomile qualities from wines with noble rot grapes.  

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By Rob Lewis / October 25, 2018

Beyond Intent: Know Your Farmer

From the farmer side of the equation, it’s great to be known by, and in return, know our customers. Every week, Turner Farm’s open-door policy brings down our driveway many community members driven by curiosity and loaded with excellent questions about our livestock. With each visit, I’m blessed with the chance to speak to our community about the ways in which our methods help to sequester carbon and fight climate change.

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By Rob Lewis / October 24, 2018

Salad Turnips: The Unsung Heroes of Fall

The three varieties of salad turnips we grow at Turner Farm are “Hakurei,” “Scarlet Ohno Revival,” and “Hinona Kabu.” These are all Japanese varieties, and each has a flavor slightly unique from the rest. Salad turnips are amazingly versatile, and I always encourage customers to try them raw before cooking them the way they would their purple-topped counterparts.

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Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / October 11, 2018

Hakurei Turnip Salad

Chef Stephanie shows us how to make a delicious dish using these delicious turnips. For more culinary techniques, check out...

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By Rob Lewis / October 8, 2018

Old World Spirits Haunt October

Now the days are getting short and the veil between the Netherworld and our own is thinning. It is the time to gather together with friends, raise toasts to the bounty of harvest, share delicious foods and carve pumpkins to fend off the ancient prankster who has found a home in America.

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Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / October 4, 2018

Curried Sweet Potato Greens

Chef Stephanie shows us how to make a delicious dish using sweet potato greens.

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By Rob Lewis / October 4, 2018

The Greener Side of Sweet Potatoes

I know you’re probably thinking sweet potato leaves…really? Yes, really. The leaves and stems may not be used in this country frequently but many cultures use them as humble, yet gorgeous sides. You can find them sautéed ginger and garlic, thrown in a hot wok with shrimp pasta and red chili, or braised in coconut milk with curry powders.

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By Rob Lewis / September 20, 2018

Simple, Easy, Perfect Omelette

Chef Stephanie Michalak shows us how to make a basic omelette. Just add your own seasonal ingredients and enjoy! For more culinary techniques, check out Chef Stephanie’s upcoming cooking classes in the Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen. A list of upcoming classes is available at

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February 2017

Most of our team spent the weekend at Ohio's premiere organic agriculture conference, getting inspired and honing our craft.  Hosted by OEFFA, Ohio's Ecological Food and Farm Association, the conference attracts all sorts of food enthusiasts, from homesteaders to large-scale producers.  I had a lot of fun getting to know different people and explaining what Turner Farm is all about.  At events [...]

January 2016

I am excited to announce that we have launched our new, beautiful websitesince our last newsletter! On it, you will find pages detailing our 2017 summer camps and our upcoming adult education classes. In fact, there is still time to sign up for the Garden Planning class tomorrow night, February 1st, 6:30-8:00. Come ready to dream about spring! In this class, we [...]

December 2016

The season is finally slowing down, but we still have plenty of food in the market. We will continue to sell produce in our on-site market (closed only on Sundays) and at the Madeira Farmers' Market all winter long. The Madeira winter market has moved indoors to the Silverwood Presbyterian Church on runs from 3:30-6 every Thursday. [...]

August 2016

School buses are back on the roads and summer is nearly behind us. Fall is near. It's the time of year that the pigweed gets to be chest height and the corn has caterpillars. Our on-farm market is open as usual on Labor Day, but, as always, we are closed on Sundays. Stop on by for [...]