Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / September 20, 2018

Fermentation and Food’s ‘Sense of Place’

I was most fascinated by was the role of terroir. In the most simplistic version, this is best translated as a “sense of place” that effects the nuances and overall flavor of not only wine, but anything we consume. I was enthralled especially with how soil types (and quality) impact terroir.

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Blog, Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / September 16, 2018

Great Breakfast Comes at Any Hour

Breakfast, whether making it when you first wake up, for dinner, or at midnight, should be about energizing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to take on whatever comes next in your day (or night).

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Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / September 6, 2018

Fennel Salad: A Summertime Favorite

Chef Stephanie Michalak shows us a simple, easy recipe using fennel, grapefruit, oil and seasonings.

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Blog, Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / September 2, 2018

Slowing Down Great Food

Slow cooking, like braising or stewing, honestly takes longer than other methods, but it has a lot of hands-off time where you let the food and the liquids do their thing.

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How To, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / August 30, 2018

Blanching Green Beans

Green beans are delicious summer vegetables that are coming out of the fields in bucket-loads from now until October. Chef Stephanie Michalak opens up the Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen and shows the simple-yet-essential technique for maximizing texture and flavor.

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Adult Education, Blog
By Rob Lewis / August 21, 2018

Natural Care for Healing Hooves

Living things have the capability to heal! We just have to be astute enough to see what is helping or hurting natural systems from moving towards health.

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Cooking Class, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / August 21, 2018

The Serenity of Stocks and Soups

There’s a word in the German language that conveys this sense much better—gemütlichkeit—it’s this internal warmth and contentedness that our English language doesn’t necessarily convey in the same way. This ethereal quality of comfort is what I think of whenever I make or eat a great soup. There’s an internal switch that goes off for me that cues a sense of ease and serenity.

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Blog, How To, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / July 31, 2018

Sautéing Cucumbers

As summer rolls on, the fields are loaded with seasonal favorites, including cucumbers. with a little oil, garlic and some seasonings, Chef Stephanie Michalak shows us that cucumbers are for more than just salads. 

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By Rob Lewis / July 25, 2018

Fabricating a Whole Chicken

Turner Farm's pasture-raised chicken is one of our most popular products. However, some customers are hesitant to purchase our whole...

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Blog, Teaching Kitchen
By Rob Lewis / July 22, 2018

An Impression of India

The city of Delhi is a dense and easily overwhelming endeavor for travelers. However, if you’re able to steal glimpses of life whizzing along, you find yourself suddenly immersed in the succulent smell of jalebi being fried in a tucked away street corner.  The beauty all around will make you stop in your tracks. The lack of personal space can be overwhelming, but so too are the colors, sounds, and smells in which you find yourself submerged.

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February 2017

Most of our team spent the weekend at Ohio's premiere organic agriculture conference, getting inspired and honing our craft.  Hosted by OEFFA, Ohio's Ecological Food and Farm Association, the conference attracts all sorts of food enthusiasts, from homesteaders to large-scale producers.  I had a lot of fun getting to know different people and explaining what Turner Farm is all about.  At events [...]

January 2016

I am excited to announce that we have launched our new, beautiful websitesince our last newsletter! On it, you will find pages detailing our 2017 summer camps and our upcoming adult education classes. In fact, there is still time to sign up for the Garden Planning class tomorrow night, February 1st, 6:30-8:00. Come ready to dream about spring! In this class, we [...]

December 2016

The season is finally slowing down, but we still have plenty of food in the market. We will continue to sell produce in our on-site market (closed only on Sundays) and at the Madeira Farmers' Market all winter long. The Madeira winter market has moved indoors to the Silverwood Presbyterian Church on runs from 3:30-6 every Thursday. [...]

August 2016

School buses are back on the roads and summer is nearly behind us. Fall is near. It's the time of year that the pigweed gets to be chest height and the corn has caterpillars. Our on-farm market is open as usual on Labor Day, but, as always, we are closed on Sundays. Stop on by for [...]