Price Hill Community Garden

Located in East Price Hill the community garden is adjacent to the Price Hill Recreation Center campus that includes a multipurpose building, playfields and a pool, it is also next to the Price Hill Public Library and near neighborhood schools. This unique location makes the garden accessible to a broad demographic of the population and an opportunity to interface with families, individuals and youth participating in established programs.

Price Hill Community Garden

956 Purcell Ave.

Cincinnati, OH  45232

The Price Hill Community Garden when completed will be a fenced approximately one-half acre site, providing a location and opportunity for Price Hill residents to grow fresh and healthy food in a collectively managed market-style garden and individual plots. Organic agriculture and Permaculture practices will be used to cultivate biologically active soil to support growing healthy fruits and vegetables.

Begun in 2017 by the Turner Farm Community Garden Program to date fifty percent of the site is in vegetable production. The garden will also provide urban agriculture training to support existing community gardens and their participants as well as home gardeners through gardening classes and experiential in-garden training and collaboration with other community-based organizations.

Price Hill covers six square miles, with over 31,000 residents. It is subdivided into East Price Hill, West Price Hill, and Lower Price Hill. East Price Hill covers three square miles and has 15,340 residents, according to the 2010 census 35.1% of the households have one person in the home and 64.9% have two people or more; with 52.0% of the residents being white, 38.3% black and 6.9% Hispanic.

The garden and the education programs are managed by the Turner Farm Community Garden Program. The site is Cincinnati Parks land with oversight by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Garden collaborators are Price Hill Will and Santa Maria Community Services and we are also working with the East Price Hill Improvement Association.

To participate in the Price Hill Community Garden or more information on programming contact:

Joshua Jones

Community Garden Manager

Turner Farm Community Garden Program

513-675-6836 mobile


Peter Huttinger

Director, Community Garden Program

513-328-0100 mobile