Winton Terrace Community Garden
4848 Winneste Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45232

Winton Hills

Winton Terrace Community Garden

The Winton Terrace Community Garden is a Turner Farm Community Garden Program project stared in the summer of 2015. There are 608 units with over 1,600 residents in the Winton Terrace Community. The garden is located near the Winton Terrace Community Room within a 68 x 36 foot fenced area, there are nine 4×8 foot cedar garden beds and three 26 foot raised beds, totaling 552 square feet of growing area, as well as edible landscaping. There is also a small seating area including a bench but we are looking to expand this to include more seating and a range of Garden Swing Seats to create a relaxing and calm environment.

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program built the garden in collaboration with the Winton Terrace Residents Council and the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority with the purpose of promoting and providing support for Winton Terrace residents to grow healthy fruit and vegetables for their families and neighbors. To this end the Turner Farm Community Garden Program offers educational programs for all ages, technical support for Robin Jones the garden coordinator, and supplies for the garden.

The garden is a community effort with leadership and support from Nikki Steele, President of the Winton Terrace Resident Council and Jessica Raines, Winton Terrace Resident Manager as well as the Winton Terrace Men’s Group. The garden has also received funds from the City of Cincinnati Urban Agriculture Program for site development and tools.