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Yield: 1 Gallon

Ingredients                                                Amount

Onion, large dice                                           1   cup

Carrots, large dice                                         ½    cup

Celery, large dice                                          ½  cup

Whole Chicken                                              1  each (approx. 3-4 lbs)

Bay leaf                                                            1   ea

Black Peppercorns                                         8   ea

Garlic                                                                2   cloves

Thyme                                                              2   sprigs fresh (sub. 1 tsp dry)

Water                                                                as needed

Salt                                                                    as needed


  1. Place all of the ingredients (except the salt) into a large crockpot and cover with water. Cover with the lid.
  2. Place the crockpot either on medium, or a 4 to 6-hour cycle and cook.
  3. Once the cycle has ended or the chicken is cooked and tender: remove the chicken and use the meat either for chicken soup, pulled chicken, chicken salad, or any number of other dishes.
  4. Strain the liquid and allow the broth to cool. Season with salt, if desired. Keep in the refrigerator once cooled for up to seven days, or freeze.
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