Turner Farm is proud to be a member of the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC)

The TKC was founded by David M. Eisenberg, MD, director of culinary nutrition and adjunct associate professor of nutrition at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, and is a group of nearly 50 organizations with teaching kitchens, intended to establish and evaluate best practices relating to nutrition, culinary and lifestyle education.

The TKC is a dynamic, action-oriented network of thought-leading organizations with existing and/or planned teaching kitchens that are capable of shaping next-generation strategy and collaborative research on best practices for integrative lifestyle transformation across settings.

Their vision is that teaching kitchens are  used as catalysts of enhanced personal and public health across medical, corporate, school and community settings.

Their mission is to enable early adopters to learn about each other’s facilities and educational programs, to develop best practices for reproducing and scaling various models and programs, and to explore the creation of a research network to assess the clinical, behavioral, and financial impact of recommended best practices.

For more information about the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative, visit www.tkcollaborative.org