Only Market & Kitchen Open

Farm Closed for Other Visiting

Community Garden Program

Learn more about Turner Farm's inner-city gardening initiatives

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Farm Market Still Open

Shop for local organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and lamb, and pastured, non-GMO pork, chicken and eggs at our on-farm market, currently Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Turner Farm Takeout Dinners

Eat well! Takeout dinners featuring local, seasonal ingredients are now available for curbside pickup from the Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen.

Register for Adult Classes Today

Turner Farm’s adult educational programing provides practical and affordable education in order to build a vibrant and thriving food and farming community in the Greater Cincinnati region.


It is our mission to permanently preserve Turner and Meshewa Farms, drawing lessons from our rural heritage to help build a positive future, demonstrating that local, organic, low-impact food production grows healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

Turner Farm operations promote connections between people of all ages and the land that feeds them, in body, mind and spirit. Through education and example, we nurture understanding of the rhythms of nature, and our place in the natural world, fostering recognition of personal responsibility for stewardship of the land, ourselves and development of a nurturing community.